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Last Updated on 16 June 2023

Objectives Of Website

  1. To capture and maintain registration of Athletes and Clubs belonging to the Central Gauteng Athletics Province, online.
  2. The platform can be accessed via Desktop computers and Smart phones through the website www.cgaonline.co.za

Login and Password Issues

  1. Report any Error Messages to CGA Office.
  2. Athletes May Reset Their Own Passwords on The Login Page. An OTP will be sent to your Cellphone.
  3. Send a Request To Club Administrator / CGA Office if you are unable to Reset Your Password. (Find Athlete-->Reset User Password)
  4. Send a Request To Club Administrator / CGA Office To Change Your Cellphone Number. (Find Athlete-->Change Cellphone)

Registration for AThletes And Club Officials

  1. Athletes And Club Officials must get registered on the system to capture their profiles.
  2. The registration form is in line with the ASA Licence form, hence all information requested is the same information that the user would have provided when manually completing the ASA Licence Form.
  3. We endevour to update the registration platform to mimic and be as close as possible to the ASA Permanent Licence Registration form as it changes over the years.
  4. To register a new profile(option 1), Main Menu-->New Registration/Licence Renewal.
  5. If Club is not listed on the DropDown for Clubs, Please let Club And CGA Office aware. Please do not select A Random Club Name. Your club profile must be added into the system, prior to it's Athletes being able to register.
  6. To register a new profile(option 2), Main Menu-->Home-->Login-->New Registration.
  7. You will need to provide your personal, residential, contact, Club, Next Of Kin information.
  8. Your login name must be your cellphone number.

Licence Renewals - Order Licences From CGA

  1. Club Administrator Logs In To The System.
  2. System Uses The Licence information captured in the previous year (Previous Year Licences) as starting Point.
  3. If Your Club Did Not Capture Its Licences collected from CGA in The Previous Year, Kindly email CGA your Licence List : Otherwise System Will allocate random numbers.
  4. Submit or Update Your Licence Order.Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->CLUB LICENCE ORDER.
  5. Take Note of Options To Add/Remove Senior/Junior Licences From the Order. We acknowledge that clubs might have more/less members as the years progress.
  6. PRINT ORDER FORM TO EMAIL TO CGA Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Download Ordered Club Licences-->Save Pdf.
  7. The Collected Licences and uploading them Onto System is a pre-requirement to be able to Allocate the Licences to Athletes.
  8. Main Menu-->Allocate Licence to Athlete-->Select Athlete-->Complete Approval-->Including Licence Application.
  9. Licence Number Appears from a Dropdown of available licences belonging to the Club.
  10. If Licence Number is Not Available on Licence Batch, CGA will Advice and offer to replace with existing Number.
  11. Allocating Licences using system will assist clubs in keeping their licence numbers from previous year and makes process to order licences a walk in the park.

Annual Licence Renewal / Re-Registration (Athlete)

  1. Licence Renewal For New Season will be declared by CGA to clubs and stakeholders, mainly via Email.
  2. Athletes Must Login to The System, using cellphone number as user name.
  3. Select To Renew LicenceMain Menu-->Licence Renewal.
  4. The system will retrieve and populate your information (from previous registration).
  5. Update Your Information as required and Submit Application.
  6. The Athlete will need to sign the form every year to confirm agreement with laid our terms and conditions.
  7. Once again, please note that Athletes are required to launch Renewal requests every year, it does not happen automatically. CGA Will make an announcement to inform stakeholders that applications for Licence Renewals are open.

Licence Allocation To Athletes

  1. Clubs allocate Licences to their respective Athletes.
  2. Club Administrator Logs In to The System.
  3. The Athletes must have registered and requested Renewal Of Licences. Hence Their Names would appear on the Approvals List for the Club.
  4. Approve And Allocate Licence Main Menu-->Approve Registration-->Select Athlete-->Complete Approval-->Including Licence Application.
  5. Licence Number Appears from a Dropdown of available licences belonging to the Club.
  6. If Licence Number Does not appear on dropdown, ensure that it has been captured on the system against your club. Send an email to CGA.
  7. When The Club Rejects The Application, Licence Number will not be required.
  8. Allocating Licences using system will assist clubs in keeping their licence numbers from previous year and makes process to order licences a walk in the park.

Licence Allocated To Wrong Athlete

  1. Clubs have been requesting for a function to correct Wrong Allocation Of Licences.
  2. Club Administrator Logs In to The System.
  3. The process involves, De-Allocating Licences from Athletes Involved(if licences were swapped, both must be de-allocated). This will change the Status of Athletes to NOT APPROVED.
  4. The Administrator must then Approve the Athlete Application, this time allocate the correct number.
  5. De-Allocate Senior Licence Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->De-Allocate Senior Licence-->Choose Affected Licence from list-->Complete Process.
  6. De-Allocate Junior Licence Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->De-Allocate Junior Licence-->Choose Affected Licence from list-->Complete Process.

Licence Collection From CGA

  1. CGA Official Logs In To The system.
  2. CGA Allocation of Licences To Clubs(Senior/Junior) Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Dispatch Licences To Club-->Choose Senior/Junior--> (Add Remove Licences as Required).
  3. Use System To Issue Licences . If Licence Numbers Are Not Available, new numbers will be issued to satisfy Club Requirements
  4. CGA will Print Licence Order Form For Club to confirm Collected Licences and Signing Form.
  5. The form includes both the Junior , Senior Licences, and Pricing.

Confirm Collected Licences Are Registered Against Club

  1. The Club official can download the Club Licences (DownLoad Club Licences).
  2. Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Download Club Licences. .
  3. If List Is Empty, would you be kind to Upload the Numbers by .Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Upload Collected Licences (Repeat For Junior Licences).
  4. As a last resort, CGA must be requested to capture the licences by .Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Dispatch Licences To Club (Repeat For Junior Licences).

Club Administrator Privilleges

  1. Administrators have access to information of Athletes belonging to their Club.
  2. They Can Approve Registrations and Allocate Licences.
  3. Persons with Club Administrator status are currently Chairperon, Secretary, Licencing Officer
  4. To Allocate Administrator Privilleges to Individual, Request must be sent to CGA Office, Existing Administrator
  5. Club Administrators must register profiles on System and Ensure they have Correct Privilleges. They may contact CGA Office To Confirm

Edit Athlete Cellphone Number

  1. Athlete Must Send Email Request To Club.
  2. Provide Both Old Cellphone And New Cellphone
  3. Club Administrator Finds Athlete On The System-->Change Athlete Cellphone Number

Club Not Showing On System

  1. Please Send Email Request To Club, alerting them..
  2. The Club will in turn inform CGA Office to capture Club Information on the System

Transfer Requests

  1. Athlete Requests Transfer Main Menu-->Transfers-->Request Transfer
  2. Request Gets Submited to Club That Athlete Currently belongs To
  3. Club Administrator Approves/Declines Transfer Request Main Menu-->Transfers-->Select Transfer-->Approve
  4. A reason must be provided if Club Declines to Grant Transfer.
  5. Athlete Can Now Select Team oF Their Own When Renewing Their Licence.
  6. Athlete Application Gets Submitted to New Club For Approval.

Known System Issues

  1. Athletes That Left Club, But Not Joined New Club Still Show In Club Lists - System Does not allow Athletes To Be Orphaned, hence still listed under Old Clubs.
  2. Athletes Appearing More Than Once In Lists - Please Ignore, the core Data is not duplicated.

Athlete Menu / Available Options

Some Options Availability Are Subject To User Profiles

  1. Download ASA Form Main Menu-->Athlete Menu-->Display Info
  2. Download ASA Form Main Menu-->Athlete Menu-->Update Information
  3. Download ASA Form Main Menu-->Athlete Menu-->Download ASA Form
  4. Download Transfer Letter Main Menu-->Athlete Menu-->Download Transfer Letter
  5. Reset Password Main Menu-->Find Athlete-->Reset Password
  6. Remove Athlete From Club Main Menu-->Find Athlete-->Remove Athlete From Club
  7. Transfer Athlete To New Club Main Menu-->Find Athlete-->Transfer Athlete To New Club

Club Reports (Accessible To Club Administrators)

  1. Registered Members Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Download Registered Members-->Save Pdf
  2. Club Licences (Licence Order Form) Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Download Club Licences-->Save Pdf
  3. Club Licences (Licence Order Form) Main Menu-->ASA Licences-->Prev Year Club Licences-->Save Pdf
  4. View Club Info() Main Menu-->Club Menu-->View Club Info
  5. View Club Contact Details Main Menu-->Club Menu-->Club Contact Details
  6. Edit Club Leadership And Colours Main Menu-->Club Menu-->Edit Club Leadership And Colours
  7. Edit/Add Club Bank Details Main Menu-->Club Menu-->Edit/Add Club Bank Details
  8. Edit Membership Packages Main Menu-->Club Menu-->Edit Membership Packages
  9. Edit Club Contact Details Main Menu-->Club Menu-->Edit Club Contact Details

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